Niko's Retirement Party

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Europe Niko's Retirement Party
[File:.jpg|center|300px|alt=Niko's Retirement Party event logo]]
Date Sunday 6th
March 2016
Category Karting
Location Daytona Milton Keynes
Rounds 1
Drivers TBC
Teams TBC
Champion TBC
Achievement Badge
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Niko's Retirement Party is a Realish Racing Special Event and the second to take place in real life. It celebrates the 30th birthday of club veteran Icthyes and the birthday of the reigning real-life karting champion JayCoops. It will be the third time a special event has been based around karting, following Alex's 30th Birthday Karting Extravaganza held in February 2015.


France Sodi
Model RT8 Prokart
Type RWD
Engine Honda GX 390cc



Tyre wear, fuel depletion, motion sickness and fumigation will be enabled. Damage to tyre barriers, bones and egos will be on. Singing "Ode to Joy" when colliding with people is mandatory.


Team No. Kart No. Driver
Europe The Indypendables 12 TBD Greece Niko Gouloumis Niko Gouloumis