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Circuit Zolder
Zolder circuit image.jpg
Location Heusden-Zolder, Belgium Belgium
Layouts 1
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Aerial View

Zolder is one of two permanent racing facilities that anyone knows or cares about in Belgium, which is a country about the size of Belgium, perched on the join between France, Germany, and the North Sea.

Grand Prix Circuit

Grand Prix Circuit
Zolder track map.png
Length 2.49 miles (4.01 km)
Turns 14
Lap Record 1:39.078 - England Liam Blair, England BLAIR|one Seat Leon
RlyR Touring Car Championship Season 2 Race of Belgium
Last Race RlyR Touring Car Championship Season 2 Race of Belgium

Earste - First. A fitting name. Get your car as far right as your wing mirrors allow on entry before dabbing the brakes and shifting down a gear to match, and swoop the car across the apex to the left. A good place to gain yourself a few tenths if done right, but a large gravel trap looms if you don't. Beware of cars getting it wrong on the exit, especially on the first lap.

Sterrewache - AFter Earste, sweep over to the left and dab the brakes before sweeping back to the right. Hit the apex and hug it like your favourite teddy bear. Missing that sweet spot even a little here will see you left hung out to dry on the ragged curb at the exit, or even in the gravel if you're really unlucky. Be very wary of cars exiting the pitlane here, as they'll be right on the racing line at the apex.

Kanaal - As the name suggests, this corner helps the circuit avoid the nearby river by turning right just before it. If anything, this corner is more of an acceleration zone for the preceding bend. Just keep it on the tarmac and line yourself up nicely for the following turn

Lucien Bianchi - Named after Jules Bianchi's dad, this corner that is faster than it looks, and a lot of speed can be taken through it providing you hit the apex and feather the throttle, as it's very easy to run out of road on the exit. And exit speed is indeed important here, as it'll dictate how quickly you can get yourself down the back straight.

Kleine Chicane - Brake late and cut as much of this small chicane as you can to carry the most speed and set yourself up for the turn ahead. The stewards will be watching this corner carefully though, so don't completely straight-line it

Butte - This corner displays all the same qualities of a nice female bottom. A pleasing curve, a single line through the middle, and a braking zone into a tight spot at the end. Which is why it's named Butte.

Gilles Villeneuve - Some might say it's a little bad taste to name this chicane after the driver who died at it, but what do I know? You've very little time after Butte to get yourself lined up perfectly for this chicane. Keep to the left and brake as soon as you've straightened out. The apexes are lined with nasty sausage curbs, so be careful of cutting them.

Terlamen - These following two right handers come in quick succession, almost making a long double-apex turn. The first can be taken at almost full throttle, a little feathering may be needed depending on the car, the second is an acceleration zone.

Bolderberghaarspeld - This mouthful is apparently Flemish for Bolder Mountain Hairpin. Novel for an area of the world not particularly well known for its mountains, but it paints a nice picture nonetheless. THis tight right hand hairpin is the slowest single corner of the lap. Braking is slightly uphill and can be left late, and the wide curb on exit allows for some breathing room. Still not to be taken lightly, though.

Jochen Rindt - Not really a corner, more a circuit re-adjustment as you exit Bolderberghaarspeld. The circuit shifts one lane to the left, so beware of any cars alongside, and back out if you find yourself suddenly heading for the grass.

Jacky Ickx - This left-right combo makes up the final chicane on the circuit. Narrow on entry and wide on exit, there are good chances to overtake on the inside if you have a good run, or on exit if you've taken the corner better than the car in front. Be very wary of drivers entering the pit-lane on the racing line.

Pitlane - The entrance to the pitlane is on the braking line for the final turn, so be careful of cars ahead if you're heading into the pit lane as they'll be braking and you won't be. If there's someone in the way, slow down, don't try to go around or through them. Once past that hurdle, the pit lane has its own left-right chicane that is very narrow and bordered by armco barriers. Make sure to note where the pit lane speed limit begins, as it's a long run between the chicane and the line, and can catch you out. On exit, keep right and beware of cars exiting turn 1, as they'll be sweeping onto the same line as you at racing speed to take the second corner.