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Xbox Live
Steam ID
Nationality To Be Confirmed TBC
Car number 101
Team(s) Japan Kaibutsu Racing
Antarctica Team Penguin
Race Starts 70
Championships Won 0
Special Events Won 0
Race Wins 0
Podiums 0
Pole Positions 0
Fastest Laps 0


Early Life

Been awesome most of the time

Driving History

British Sports Prototype Cup

I only managed to enter 4 races before having to retire due to technical reasons.

Hyper Brazilian Tourismo Mestres

I managed to enter all 13 rounds and at Cascavel I managed to get my first realish point. The season was a lot of fun and a steep learning curve. The rivalry with Earthshine was really good, a photo finish at Jacarepaguá.

2016 GT Endurance Auto Racing Series

I managed 3 race starts in this one. The long races were tiring but fun. At Spa I was hit with a gremlin that ruined my race.

CruddyCar World Series

A hard series but I came away with 14 points!! I entered all 10 races and had the lucky position of the only driver to finish a race and not get points :) Oval races can actually be fun surprisingly. I started with the photography proper here. Joined Team Penguin for this series.


Crash!!! entered all 11 races. almost survived them too.

RRTCC3 entered all 16 races had a really good time, improved through the season, due to getting a 'proper' wheel ended the season with 11 points from the last half of the season.

Formula Craig, I entered both races but crashed out on the first race. F1 cars, even old ones don't seem to agree with me. It was a fun day though racing for Eiffel Power.

Cruddy 6, I finished it :) and had a lot of fun with this one, raced for Eiffel again and finished almost halfway up the standings.

Berlingo bingo.... erm I was well behaved..... That's not true.....

Bon Anne 6, a lot of fun but a hard few hours...

Complete Results

Series & Championships

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Results Key
Bold - Pole Position
Italics - Fastest Lap
(Brackets) - Dropped Scores
* Season in Progress

Special Events

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Rookie - this driver has entered 25 races