GEARS 100 Miles of Laguna Seca

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GEARS 100 Miles of Laguna Seca
Event Logo
Date Wednesday, 17th August 2011
Location Laguna Seca, Monterey County,
California, USA
Course Permanent Racing Facility
2.24 miles
Class/PI R3 700 - R3 760
Cars GT2-spec
Entrants 8
Race Distance 100.80 miles (45 laps)
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Laguna Lapper - this driver won the GEER 100 Miles of Laguna Seca special event
Laguna Seca track layout.

The GT Endurance Auto Race Series 100 Miles of Laguna Seca was the first Really Rubbish Racing Special Event, and run under the GEARS regulations. It was a 100 mile (45 Lap) long endurance race, held on Wednesday, 17th August 2011 at the Laguna Seca circuit in Monterey, California, USA. The race was started by a rolling start with a randomly determined grid. The event was won by Sodamn Insane 6 in his Jaguar XKR GT in little over 1 hour, 6 minutes. RumblyLizard's Porsche 911 GT3-RSR came second, with Smifaye's BMW M3 GT2 rounding out the podium in third.


Cars entered in the GT2 class must fit into these rules in order to be considered legitimate to race. Rules have been taken and slightly modified from the official Forza Le Mans series [1]:

  • All GT2 entries must be from the year 2006 or onwards.
  • All GT2 entries must be R3 Class with no upgrades applied. However, on request championship officials can make exceptions.
  • GT2 Class entries must have a Performance Index rating of between R3 700 and R3 760
  • GT2 Class upgrades are not allowed. If you wish to use an upgrade please ask championship officials for advice and assistance.

Additional information:

  • You may upgrade your rims provided that you stay in the same PI number. Change is bad.
  • As this is an endurance race, all assists will be forced off with the exception of manual gears. There will be no requirement to use the clutch.

Entry List

8 spaces available for the race. These 8 slots will be reserved for regulars and/or the most prolific reserve drivers participating in season 1 of Realish Racing competition.

Car Team No. Driver Class/PI Tyre
Germany BMW M3 GT2 United Kingdom E-Motoring 04 England Ian Aldridge R3 743 P
United Kingdom LH Racing 7 United Kingdom Lee Harrison R3 743 P
United Kingdom Black Cats 55 United Kingdom Adam Smith R3 743 D
Italy Ferrari F430 GT2 United Kingdom JemTech Racing 71 United Kingdom Pete Walker R3 752 M
United States of America Ford GT Mk.V Kent Feta Motorsport 20 United Kingdom Tom Cheeseman R3 741 D
United Kingdom Jaguar XKR GT United Kingdom Leyton House 16 United Kingdom Jamie Hunt R3 742 M
Hertfordshire Ajokay Motorsport 23 England Alex Odell R3 742 D
Germany Porsche 911 GT3-RSR United Kingdom Rumbly Raptor Racing 69 United Kingdom Sam White R3 742 M
Mr E 004's E-Motoring BMW M3 GT2
Mr Flobadob's LH Racing BMW M3 GT2
Smifaye's Black Cats BMW M3 GT2
Bookoi's JemTech Racing Ferrari F430 GT2
Tomcheesey's Feta Motorsport GT2-Spec Ford GT
The Leyton House Reloaded Jaguar XKR GT
The Ajokay Motorsport Jaguar XKR GT
RumblyLizard's GT2 Spec Porsche 911 GT3-RSR


Race Summary

The race started cleanly, with Mr Flobadob leading the pace to the second corner, however he oversteered betweens 3 and 4, momentarily losing control of the car and allowing Ajokay through Into the lead. the Ajokay Motorsport jaguar then began to build a lead whilst the cars behind fought for position. RumblyLizard and Tomcheesey made contact which each other through turn 6, causing the Feta Motorsport car to spin to the inside, nerfing the tyre wall. Meanwhile, Sodamn Insane 6 made his way up from last on the grid to 4th by the end of the first lap, and set about picking off RumblyLizard and Smifaye ahead of him. The next step was to erode Ajokay's 5 second lead, which he did so by lap 10. The 2 jaguars fought for several laps, before a mistake at the Corkscrew on 2 sucessive laps allowed the Leyton House Reloaded driver right onto the leader's tail, and he passed with a late lunge into the Andretti Hairpin.

Having given chase for a few laps, Ajokay retired on lap 15 with an internet disconnection, carrying straight-on at turn 10 and hitting the barriers. His Xbox controller was badly damaged in the accident.

Smifaye was under pressure from RumblyLizard, the gap decreasing with each passing lap. RumblyLizard made it past the Black Cats Racing Team driver after about 7 laps behind Smifaye. RumblyLizard then set about chasing down Sodamn Insane 6.

-- others please fill in the gaps, and the rest --

Race Results

Pos No Team Car Driver Grid Laps
1 16 Leyton House Reloaded Jaguar XKR GT Sodamn Insane 6 8 45
2 69 Rumbly Lizard Motorsports Porsche 911 GT3-RSR RumblyLizard 6 45
3 55 Black Cats Racing Team BMW M3 GT2 Smifaye 4 45
4 20 Feta Motorsport Ford GT Mk.V Tomcheesey 5 45
5 71 JemTech Racing Ferrari F430 GT2 Bookoi 3 43
6 04 E-Motoring BMW M3 GT2 England Mr E 004 7 42
7 7 LH Racing BMW M3 GT2 Mr Flobadob 1 42
DNF 23 Ajokay Motorsport Jaguar XKR GT Ajokay 2 15
  • Fastest lap: Shouty, 1:22.562

Image Gallery

Bookoi leades Smifaye and Tomcheesey through the Corkscrew on the formation lap.
Mr Flobadob leads the pack away as the green flag drops
Clever girl...
The field rounds the Andretti Hairpin for the first time.
A fan snaps a photo of the leaders through the fencing.
Mr E 004 trails the field heading up the Rahal Straight
The terrifying drop that is the Corkscrew.
Bookoi lines up Smifaye for a pass.
Rumbly and Tomcheesey make contact
Shouty and Smifaye side-by-side
Shouty and Ajokay dive through the Corkscrew.
Mr Flobadob Slides his BMW.