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Cruddy could refer to:

  • The Inaugural Cruddy 125 - the inaugural Cruddy speedway endurance race held in May 2012.
  • Cruddy Number Two - the second annual Cruddy event, because the first one was so popular. Held in May 2013
  • Cruddy 2014 - the third annual Cruddy event, held in May 2014.
  • Cruddy Comes to Corby - the forth annual Cruddy event and first held outside the USA, held in May 2015.
  • Cruddy Five - the fifth annual Cruddy event and the first to be held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway since the Inaugural running, held in June 2016.
  • Cruddy Six - the sixth annual Cruddy event raced in the same cars as the 2016 edition, again on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval.

See also:

  • Dan Wheldon Invitational - a race held in October 2011 on the Indianapolis Speedway commemorating the life of 2-time Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon.