2011 RRR Australian Grand Prix

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2011 RRR Australian Grand Prix
Event 1 of 8 in the RRR F1 2011 Championship
Track image
Date 9th October 2011
Location Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, Albert Park,
Melbourne, Australia Australia
Course Temporary street circuit
5.303 km (3.295 mi)
Entrants 14
Laps 29
Pole Position
Driver United Kingdom Smifaye
Time 1:24.079
Fastest Lap
Driver United Kingdom Superdelphinus
Time 1:24.951
First United Kingdom Smifaye
Second England STR TommyB
Third United Kingdom Superdelphinus
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The 2011 RRR Australian Grand Prix was the first round of the inaugural season of the RRR F1 2011 Championship. It was held at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, Australia.

The race, contested over 29 laps, was won by Smifaye, driving for the Black Raptors.



The 2011 RRR Australian Grand Prix was contested at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, a few kilometres south of central Melbourne. The circuit is a temporary street circuit that uses sections of road that surround the Albert Park Lake. The Australian Grand Prix was decided to be the opening 2011 RRR Grand Prix due it's popularity with the RRR community. The track features some good overtaking opportunities which nearly always provides a great race.

It was announced that Spearkofi could not drive for his Cross Channel GP team due to funding issues. Spearkofi was due to race until his main sponsor, whom can't be named due to legal reasons, pulled out their backing. This left the Cross Channel GP team needing to find another driver. Fortunately Superdelphinus was available and will take the third spot in the team, replacing Spearkofi for at least the first two rounds.


Practice started as soon as F1 2011 was released. Many drivers were struggling with the new assist restriction brought in to level the playing field between drivers. OpenedAutumn58 openly said he was really not enjoying the new format and initially wanted to pull out of the championship, he said this to the press "Sorry, but I'm going to have to drop out aswell. I just don't like F1 2011 with no assists". Fortunately the Feta Motorsport driver was turned around and is planning on entering the championship.

Practice has mainly been private thus far with individual drivers practicing by themselves. Black Raptors Racing driver Smifaye said the following on his practice sessions "I've really been enjoying practice so far and feel in quite a strong position going into the first race. We have got a fairly decent package and I'm coping well with KERS and DRS. The main thing that is going to through me off my rhythm is tyre strategy as the race is going to be 29 laps it will be a thin line between the right and wrong strategy. It will be fun, for sure".


Qualifying was determined by a 15 minute qualifying session. FlavouryRug and Sodamn Insane 6 set the pace early on with some impressive first laps. Towards the end of the session it was between Smifaye and Superdelphinus with Smifaye in the end taking pole by just over 7 tenths of a second.

Qualifying was then ruined by a bug in the game if a disconnected player rejoins the session.


Smifaye kept his pole position after the qualifying bug with STR TommyB behind. Everyone got away well and Smifaye led STR TommyB through the first few corners. There was chaos behind as Bookoi went into a spin and went off the track. Smifaye meanwhile had pulled out a 4 second lead on chasing driver STR TommyB. The gap was then extended to 18 seconds after the first pit stop phase. On lap 17 Butler258 brought out the safety car after crashing heavily. This forced drivers to make a gamble either to go into the pits for fresh tyres or to stay out for track position. The leading pair Smifaye and STR TommyB both pitted for a new set of Prime tyres. Once the debris was cleared the safety car pulled into the pits and Smifaye and STR TommyB rejoined battle. STR TommyB was within one second and was able to use his DRS. Unfortunately for the BDGP driver he was too far behind but then went for an overtake into turn three only for Smifaye to defend his position on the inside. The battle was intense and lasted for quite a few laps until STR TommyB hit the barrier after the fast chicane on the back straight. Smifaye then looked after his tyres and maintained a resonable gap to the chasing BDGP driver to take the first win of the season, and his 7th RRR win.

Smifaye takes the first win of the season


LewisWDC11 was found to have been disqualified due to excessive corner-cutting and lost his points from the race. He was also reprimanded for an early-race manoeuvre on Icthyes which ended in contact. Shouty was given a warning for running into Bookoi during qualifying and keeping his foot down into the crash.



Qualifying was discounted due to the bug described above. The grid positions for the race classification table below shows the starting order but not the qualifying order.


Pos Driver Team Laps Time/Retired Grid Points
1 United Kingdom Smifaye United Kingdom Black Raptors Racing 29 44:16.135 1 25
2 England STR TommyB United Kingdom BDGP 29 + 7.703 2 18
3 United Kingdom Superdelphinus United Kingdom Cross Channel GP 29 + 35.176 7 15
4 United Kingdom Sodamn Insane 6 United Kingdom Leyton House Reloaded 29 + 1:01.237 8 12
5 United Kingdom Tomcheesey Kent Feta Motorsport 29 + 1:25.544 11 10
6 Greece Icthyes Greece SpyroTechnimata 25 Collision 4 8
7 United Kingdom Bookoi United Kingdom Pudding GP 17 Collision 12 6
8 United Kingdom Butler258 United Kingdom Pudding GP 17 Collision 5 4
9 England FlavouryRug United Kingdom BDGP 12 Disconnected 10 2
10 United Kingdom OpenedAutumn58 Kent Feta Motorsport 12 Disconnected 9 1
11 Sweden RareDevil666 Sweden SRM GP Team 8 Disconnected 13
12 United Kingdom VettelS Greece SpyroTechnimata 6 Disconnected 3
13 United Kingdom LewisWDC11 Sweden SRM GP Team 14 Disqualified 6
14 Scotland y2jisaok United Kingdom Leyton House Reloaded 0 DNS 14

Standings after the race

Drivers Championship

Pos Driver Points
1 United Kingdom Smifaye 25
2 England STR TommyB 18
3 United Kingdom Superdelphinus 15
4 United Kingdom Sodamn Insane 6 12

Teams Championship

Pos Team Points
1 United Kingdom Black Raptors 25
2 United Kingdom BDGP 20
3 United Kingdom Cross Channel GP 15
4 United Kingdom Leyton House Reloaded 12
  • Note: Only the top four positions are included for both sets of standings.