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[RF2] Current Club Cup - V8 Artstralicars Continental Tour

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[RF2] Current Club Cup - V8 Artstralicars Continental Tour

Postby artanonim » 12 Jul 2020, 19:24

Howdy there! It's time to start another club cup, this one putting the roaring Australian Supercars well outside their comfort zone Down Under - get ready for the V8 Artstralicars Continental Tour!

The Competition

It's five rounds of two races at a variety of circuits, each one providing a different challenge of its own. From the speedy Watkins Glen, through the tight and short Zwartkops, to finishing under floodlights of Sepang, the Supercars will be tested in a wide variety of conditions.

First four rounds round will consist of a single lap superpole qualifying, a 25-minute feature race, and a 15-minute, full reverse grid sprint race to finish off the evening. The fifth round will finish the cup with a bang, with a 45-minute, endurance NIGHT RACE awarding double points!

Points will be awarded down to 6th place, following the 9/6/4/3/2/1 distribution, with a one further one for the fastest lap.

The schedule:
R1) Tour of North America: Watkins Glen Short - 21.07
R2) Tour of Europe: Zandvoort (pre F1-banking) - 28.07
R3) Tour of Oceania: Pukekohe - 04.08
R4) Tour of Africa: Zwartkops - 11.08
R5) Tour of Asia: Sepang - 18.08
*subject to updates in case of bigger clashes, e.g. GPVWC Academy

The Cars

As you might've figured by now, we will be using the FVR 2020 Supercars mod, giving you the choice to drive either the Ford Mustang or the Holden Commodore. Both require full attention to ensure you're pointing the right way forwards, as these are very keen to swap ends out of corners!

Skin sharing will be enabled as per usual, with templates automatically put to the \rFactor 2\Templates folder once the mod is installed if you feel like painting a car of your own, which would be appreciated, nudge nudge wink wink ;)

The Standings

1. ...
2. ...
3. ...
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