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GEARS 2022 Driver Market

GEARS 9 - ACC - 2022 GT4 Endurance Auto Racing Series
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GEARS 2022 Driver Market

Postby shaxberd » 23 Feb 2022, 21:31


Please feel free to use this topic to handle all your driver market needs, i.e. declare yourself a free agent, announce free spots on your team(s) or initiate jointventure negotations between teams. If you struggle to find a team, you're obviously free to found your own via Pleb Club membership - if that isn't an option, feel free to contact us and we'll see if we can resurrect a team from the olden days!

We'll update this list with available drivers and open spots regularly whenever we feel like it.

Available Drivers

Teams currently looking for drivers
  • Argosport by Realish Racing
  • Scuderia Uccello by Realish Racing
  • Realish Racing New Driver Programme
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Re: GEARS 2022 Driver Market

Postby cosmo » 06 Mar 2022, 22:36

Teammate wanted. Must be willing to drive the KTM. Livery available if you don't want to do your own. DM me on Discord for more deets.
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Re: GEARS 2022 Driver Market

Postby Sam Hill » 06 Mar 2022, 22:51

Looking for a team/teammate to drive the Alpine
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