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CAR & GEARS End of Season Congratulatons, Feedback and Discussion

GEARS 8 - ACC - 2021 GT Endurance Auto Racing Series Season
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CAR & GEARS End of Season Congratulatons, Feedback and Discussion

Postby shaxberd » 13 Sep 2021, 21:38

We haven't had one of these for a while, huh? Alright then, let's double up - with CAR and GEARS coming to a close within a week, there's plenty of stuff to wrap up!

First of all, congratulations to our champions: @Daniel Hurlock wrapped up both driver titles in an impressive way, great work! He even doubled (tripled?) down further, collecting teams' honours for GEARS as well, joined by @Not Joseph over at good ol' Argosport! Over at the CAR campaign, it was Bad Pun Racing with @sin_racing and @BlueSpearman aboard securing the teams title, congrats!

Earlier this year, we managed to get some feedback in via the Google Form as well which has already given us some pointers and will continue to help us for further seasons - still though, with two seasons done, one of which already contained some adjustments from the results, another feedback round is in order. Even more so given our numbers have dwindled rather drastically recently, and we'd like to understand why - did life get in the way, was the outside world tempting again after more than a year of varying degrees of lockdown, were there other reasons? Please let us know if you feel comfortable doing so :)

Apart from that, feel free to discuss away, share your conspiracy theories regarding our next seasons, or pre-emptively get a new teammate if you want!

Within the next few days, we'll work on revealing S35, announce a few updates from race control and apart from all that, it's mere days until our next Special Event. And speaking of which - there's another SE slot reserved later this year, in case you want to cash in your 150 race token as well!
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Re: CAR & GEARS End of Season Congratulatons, Feedback and Discussion

Postby cosmo » 13 Sep 2021, 21:48


GEARS was fine this year, love ACC for GT3 racing except from the custom livery malarkey. Just stopped racing mid year tbh as things opened up and I could go places again, was gonna come back for Spa but I was late.

CAR I just never gelled with the Alpines tbh - wasn't fun for me so I didn't do it.

Next season is obviously Formula Vee10. Jokes aside I have no idea, but I reckon I know what the season after will be.
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Re: CAR & GEARS End of Season Congratulatons, Feedback and Discussion

Postby Blex » 13 Sep 2021, 22:00

GEARS/ACC specific feedback:

ACC is a bit of a hit or miss game for me. I find that despite being marketed as the official game of an endurance series, it's actually much more fun for sprint racing. GT cars are great fun for thrashing hard nose to tail, but long races were just a bit of a slog. Otherwise, if we did want to do longer races, maybe consider multiclass if we can get the attendance. It might make things less sloggy if there are GT4 cars to negotiate, and personally I like them better to drive anyway.

That said, when I did manage to get home in time, and things did line up, I had some fun moments in GEARS this year. I can think of a few really fun highlight moments, they were just a little bit infrequent and usually at the beginning/end of really long periods of lapping by myself. I think there's potential in ACC going forward, just maybe not in the GEARS format.

CAR specific feedback:
The Alpine was dreadful, not knowing any of the tracks meant I'd need to practice quite heavily, and combined with a rough period of work/health and life getting a little busier it took a back seat - And the time I did still have for simracing went toward getting ready for the club's GEM series entry rather than driving a car I didn't like, on tracks I needed to learn, at a bad time for me personally. Just didn't really feel worth it to me to be honest. Did I mention that driving the Alpine was like pulling teeth?


Otherwise as you alluded to in the OP I've had some life things that've kept me from practicing, or kept me out of race days. The slightly earlier starts for GEARS actually contributed to this, as I'm usually only just back home from taking my girlfriend home in time for qualifying to start - So I'd be coming in cold, with no time to eat first, for a long race. It was a bit too much for me really. Not the club's fault, just how things are for me at the moment.

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Re: CAR & GEARS End of Season Congratulatons, Feedback and Discussion

Postby Arwyn » 14 Sep 2021, 11:36

Heyo, so my 2¢ on the state of play!

Contrary to my initial whinging, I don't hate ACC. Doing Diamond Drive really warmed me to it as being fairly fun, but there's a bit of a caveat.

It does handle VERY differently to rFactor, and in my experience requires a butt-load of practice and track guides to adjust to. That makes it very time intensive for me, and trying pick up and go results in, well, how Spa went for me. Even having done a long race there before, in that car, with a setup, I just couldn't adjust.

I wouldn't mind doing more ACC, especially if we use some of the DLC like GT4s and the British GT tracks, but if we did I'd prefer it was the primary/weekly series, so there's less bouncing between rFactor and ACC. If I can get my head into one or the other, i'm mostly fine.

I actually rather enjoyed CAR, and it was mostly conflict of schedules that made me drop it. (That, and the day when it was obscenely hot and there was no way I was going to sim-race like that)

My feedback on CAR is that i liked the car, and I liked the tracks. I didn't like the combination of the Car and The Tracks. The Alpine was rather floaty on the front end, which was fine and a fun challenge on flatter tracks like Bugatti, but the more vertical tracks like Mount Tremblont the issue became incredibly exagerated and it just lead to an arse-load of understeer every time there was a downhill. Similarly, I liked the tracks, but they were all quite technical and that'd be great with a predictable car for an arrive and drive, but making the most of the Alpine on some of those tracks absolutely required practice, and with things slowly going back to "normal", and me picking up things like 3D modelling, I just didn't have the time or motivation to get said practice in.

In general
Not sure what to suggest really! I do very much enjoy series with multiple shorter races, because even if I'm rough in race 1, by the end of it I'm much better and in fighting shape for race 2/3 etc. I imagine things are going to calm down a bit over autumn, so I expect my attendance to naturally get better. Looking forwards to Formula Vee tho :>

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