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Welcome to the Super Kart Action Masters

Season 28 - STK - Super Kart Action Masters
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Welcome to the Super Kart Action Masters

Postby shaxberd » 31 Mar 2019, 23:00


After all these seasons featuring high-end machinery at the top of the power and innovation range, it's time to go back to the roots: Welcome to Season 28, the Super Kart Action Masters!

In a shocking twist of events, we'll divert from our usual mix of Automobilista and rFactor 2 - this one's gonna run on Super Tux Kart!

The series will begin in May, and - with our Special Event season in between - is set to conclude in early August. There'll be 8 events lined up, with plenty of cars available to be thoroughly tested (and bruised, probably) before taking on these tracks! Let's jump to the details!

The Cars

A total of 18 karts are available, each featuring different statistics, advantages and caveats - so choose wisely, because car changes won't be allowed throughout the season! Will it be the classic penguin? How about the donkey? Or maybe go full ape?! The choices!

The cars will be used at normal fuel and tyre consumption.

The Circuits

The season will consist of 8 rounds, starting it off at the Antediluvian Abyss before heading to Cornfield Crossing and Shifting Sands. After that it's time to mix things up with two "3 Strikes Battle" events (6 rounds each!) at Battle Island and Las Dunas Arena each before heading into the final bit of the season, taking place at Nessie's Pond and Oliver's Math Class - the grand final will see us return to the Antediluvian Abyss yet again!

The Competition

The season will consist of 8 rounds running on Sunday evenings, and with Karting usually featuring shorter races, we're looking at three 15 minute races for regular races, and a total of 6 battle rounds for the "3 Strikes" events!

Qualifying will be determined by rolling a dice - the number rolled will then mean absolutely nothing and the grids will be random.

The points and trophies, however, will of course be distributed as usual: We'll see driver, team and newcomer title contended, and with our recent rule change, points for these will be awarded down to 8th position: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

Any rookies are free to join the Realish Racing New Driver Programme if they wish, to avoid the hassle of setting up their own team or having to find a team mate.
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Re: Welcome to the Super Kart Action Masters

Postby artanonim » 31 Mar 2019, 23:05

Finally, a reliable sim worthy of our attention. Good choice!

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Re: Welcome to the Super Kart Action Masters

Postby sin_racing » 31 Mar 2019, 23:20

And some say the Germans don't have a sense of humour :P

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Re: Welcome to the Super Kart Action Masters

Postby MrRandom287 » 01 Apr 2019, 00:19

Is there an upside-down kart?
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Re: Welcome to the Super Kart Action Masters

Postby cosmo » 01 Apr 2019, 02:28

Finally, I can drive a car my speed.
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Re: Welcome to the Super Kart Action Masters

Postby craighypheno » 01 Apr 2019, 07:29

Something something ninth something.
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Re: Welcome to the Super Kart Action Masters

Postby ajokay » 01 Apr 2019, 12:28

If we're not doing this then I'm leaving.
Have fun.

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